Welcome to The Ozone!
               Original designs for different flying styles is what
               inspires us here at OzoneFoam.  Whether you're a radical
               3D flyer mastering your 8 point snap rolls into a knife 
               edge loop or a beginner who has just found this
               exciting hobby, we have an airplane for you!
               By designing airplanes utilizing materials such as fan fold
               foam and depron foam, then reinforcing with wood and/or
               carbon fiber, we can offer you planes that are strong, light,
               and tough!  Since the materials are available from your
               local hardware/craft store and hobby/kite shop, they are
               inexpensive and simple to build.
Flying Models that are simple, strong, and fun to build!
"Dial up" connections are still commonly used. So staying with our belief that "Simple is Better", this site has no background music, Flash animation, Mystery Meat Buttons, or other useless bandwidth sucking gizmos!